Drafty Sunday

Sometimes I need to design simple and colored forms just to study the balance between them.
Hope you enjoy. Drafty sunday, i am here.
Happy week!


paukf_watercolor_acuarela_drafty sunday

paukf_watercolor_acuarela_draft03 _drafty sunday

paukf_watercolor_acuarela_draft04 _drafty sunday

paukf_watercolor_acuarela_draft05 _drafty sunday

paukf_watercolor_acuarela_draft06 _drafty sunday

New adventure; 10 rules

BIGAS LUNA decálogo 10 rules DECALOGUE PAUKF PAULA TERUEL arquitectura architecture watercolor building render oma rem koolhaas casa da musica porto ilustración illustrazione
To start with, I choose Bigas Luna`s decalogue for life. Thank you Leonor Watling.

Ten rules.